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Good Luck to the Cherokee Trail Men's Varsity Lacrosse Team as the travel out west for a Spring Break three game road trip to San Diego.


About Us

Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse is dedicated to the pursuit of athletic excellence where all students have access to a program which values academics, character, equity, leadership, teamwork, and quality.  We strive to accomplish that goal through the development of athletes who are competitive, demonstrate integrity and good sportsmanship, and are led by a quality and principled coaching staff.  



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The FLOCK is coming!

It's Flocking Fun!

Surprise your friends by sending a FLOCK OF FLAMINGOS to decorate their front lawn!  Under the cover of darkness, a flock of flamingos will be sent to your friend's house and arrive on their front lawn.  Your friend will awake to a lawn inhabited by festive flamingos.  They will leave as quietly as they arrived in 24-48 hours.  Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse Club will handle everything.  Your friend's only responsibility is to enjoy the surprise!

Click on "It's Flocking Fun!" to order and pay using the Cheddar Up link, or you may send an email to to start the flocking.  The flock's flight pattern will be determined on a first come first serve basis.  

The cost of flocking:

  • Small Flock (25 Flamingos) - $25.00 Donation
  • Medium Flock (50 Flamingos) - $50.00 Donation
  • Anti-Flocking Protection - $20.00 Donation   (Enter your name in the Victim's Name field at check out to receive protection.)

All flockings will come with a letter explaining the purpose of the fundraiser.  Flamingos will be migrating all around the community!  Will your lawn be next?   Want to flock them before they flock you?  Also available is anti-flocking protection to guarantee no flamingos will roost on your lawn!

Thank you for supporting Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse!

CHSAA Lacrosse Information

Please visit this link for CHSAA Lacrosse Information

Don't forget to sign up for King Soopers Community Rewards. A portion of your purchases at King Soopers goes back to CT  Lacrosse. Click on the link below and search for Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse Booster Club on the Community Rewards page. 

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