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2021 Box on the Rox League

CT Lacrosse will have a Varsity and JV team participating in the Box on the Rox at the Miller Athletic Complex, MAC, in Castle Rock.


The link below is the game schedule for High School Box Lacrosse at the Miller Activities Complex in Castle Rock. 

Players will be allowed in the building 15 minutes prior to game time, however, Coaches would like the players to arrive 25 minutes before game time to put pads on in the parking lot, and be ready to walk in as a team 15 minutes prior to game time.  Goalies can go inside 30 minutes prior to game time.

Box on the Rox Waivers

All players on the Varsity and JV teams must fill out the waivers below.

2021 Bubble League

CT Lacrosse Future's (C Team) will be participating in the Bubble League at the Sports Dome through South Suburban Parks & Recreation.


The link below is the game schedule for High School Bubble League:

2021 Foothills Field League

Foothills is still awaiting confirmation that they can have more than 25 players on the field at a time.  Once they get that confirmation the league will begin. They are hoping the league will begin in early March.  CT Lacrosse will be running two teams in the foothills league that will redistribute the players from the three current teams.

CT Weight Lifting - Zone Athletic Club

Posted:  August 31, 2020

Now that school has started Coach would like the boys to start getting ready for the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the boys are not able to work out at the school as they did last year.  

That said, Zone Athletic Club at Southlands Mall is running a promo of $15.99/month.  This is by no means mandatory but it's a great opportunity being offered to the boys to stay in shape, build more muscles and, go hang out with a teammate or 2. 

Conner Graves, the Sales Manager, is offering $15.99 per month (cancel anytime) rate to all CT Lax players.  Below is a 3-day trial if anyone wants to check it out, they just need to show the image, or they can just walk in and talk to Conner and he will hook anyone up.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED the entire time. Kinda a pain but necessary.  16 and older can work out by themselves.  (or a 16 and up can bring a younger sibling). Conner's contact info is below.

Conner Graves
General Sales Manager 
Zone Athletic Clubs
Desk: 303-928-7666
Cell: 303-995-4636

This is an excellent opportunity to work out whenever the players have time.  Of course, if you have weights at home, please feel free to use them.  CT Lacrosse does not get any kickback, this is just a cheap way to gain access to a gym until the CT gym is accessible again.

Three(3) Day Trial Offer:

The FLOCK is coming!

It's Flocking Fun!

Surprise your friends by sending a FLOCK OF FLAMINGOS to decorate their front lawn!  Under the cover of darkness, a flock of flamingos will be sent to your friend's house and arrive on their front lawn.  Your friend will awake to a lawn inhabited by festive flamingos.  They will leave as quietly as they arrived in 24-48 hours.  Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse Club will handle everything.  Your friend's only responsibility is to enjoy the surprise!

Click on "It's Flocking Fun!" to order and pay using the Cheddar Up link, or you may send an email to to start the flocking.  The flock's flight pattern will be determined on a first come first serve basis.  

The cost of flocking:

  • Small Flock (25 Flamingos) - $25.00 Donation
  • Medium Flock (50 Flamingos) - $50.00 Donation
  • Anti-Flocking Protection - $20.00 Donation   (Enter your name in the Victim's Name field at check out to receive protection.)

All flockings will come with a letter explaining the purpose of the fundraiser.  Flamingos will be migrating all around the community!  Will your lawn be next?   Want to flock them before they flock you?  Also available is anti-flocking protection to guarantee no flamingos will roost on your lawn!

Thank you for supporting Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse!

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Cherokee Trail Boys Lacrosse is dedicated to the pursuit of athletic excellence where all students have access to a program which values academics, character, equity, leadership, teamwork, and quality.  We strive to accomplish that goal through the development of athletes who are competitive, demonstrate integrity and good sportsmanship, and are led by a quality and principled coaching staff.  

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